Birthdays Down on the Farm

HAY! Er, Hey! Vicki the Cow here, i’m going to take you for a little tour through our Birthday Party Package!
We love hosting birthdays here at EcoDairy, and helping our guests create a fun, memorable experience for their kiddos.

Farmyard Fun

So what does a birthday party at EcoDairy look like? Well.. It depends on the season, but we’ll always have curious cows to visit, a petting zoo full of animals waiting to be fed their favourite alfalfa snack, and a warm, dry place for your group to celebrate.

The Party Room

Let’s start off in the MOOzanine… See what I did there? Our party room (usually used for meetings and our kids camps throughout the year) also doubles as the perfect space to party.

The Moozanine is fully equipped with a shelf full of toys, books, games and puzzles to play with, as well as a Melissa & Doug fresh mart grocery store and animal care activity center!

The party room includes:

  • A kitchenette with a fridge, microwave and sink for your convenience
  • Two private washrooms down the hall
  • Enough tables and chairs to seat up to 30 people comfortably

The Tour

Once everyone in your group has arrived and you’re all settled, one of our facilitators will welcome you, and invite you downstairs to begin your farm adventure!

Your tour will start in our moo-vie room (there I go again) where you’ll watch a quick intro video about.. you guessed it.. ME! I’ll let you in on a few innovative things we’re doing here on the farm and why producing quality local food is so important to us. Our theater has 15 cushy seats, (almost as cushy as my air pressurized bed! You’ll learn more about that later).

After the movie your group will have some time to explore the hands-on Discovery Zone that was built by our friends from Science World! We’ve got a poo matching game, a demonstration cow you can milk (modeled after me of course) a robot milker simulator… But I won’t give it all away, it’s called a DISCOVERY zone for a reason!

Next your tour guide will bring you into the dairy barn for a visit with my gal pals. Depending on their MOOd that day some of my friends might be interested in saying hello, some will back away or ignore you, and the ones that don’t know much about personal space might even try to lick you. You’ll be fully immersed in our environment, you’ll get to push up hay for us, pet us on the nose (if we let you), and don’t be surprised if you see some of us drop a few meadow muffins along the way, after all you’re the one visiting our house (and bathroom). We’ll show you our massage brush, where we sleep and how we milk ourselves using the DeLaval Robot Milker.

Giddy Up and Yee-Haw!

When your 40 minute tour is complete you’ll want to wash off the cow slobber and moo-ve on upstairs to eat food, blow out candles and open gifts.

Birthdays in the Barn Package


  • Party room 2 hrs
  • Barn tour for 12 guests ($5+tax extra)
  • Colouring sheets and crayons


You’re welcome to bring in your own food/dessert, *non-alcoholic drinks, decor and activities, or choose any combination of available add-ons below.

  • Petting Zoo Snack Pack: 10 snack bags to feed the petting zoo animals: $8.00+tax
  • Berry Patch Experience: (Seasonal July-August, bring your bucket to our no-spray berry patch and fill up with juicy thornless blackberries and multiple blueberry varieties!) Cost TBD
Food & Drink
  • EcoDairy Milk & Cookies: (12 Fresh baked cookies from Nature’s Pickins and a 2L jug of EcoDairy Milk & cups)
  • Kids Ice-cream: (Available last weekend of June – September long weekend) $3.00 per person
  • More options coming soon!

Sit back, relax and let us take care of the decor! We’ll set up a farm style burlap “Happy Birthday” banner, coloured cloth banners and balloons (refer to photos above). $20+tax

Get in Touch!

Well, my job here is done. If you need me i’ll be getting my hooves trimmed, and if you’re as excited about this as I am then go ahead and click the button below to get your party started!